At Xhosa Gardens I work with a highly evolved team of guidflower essence energy transformationes to assist clients in their quest for balance and wholeness.   A comprehensive assessment of individual energy systems paints a picture of each client and allows us to employ a number of different methods to assist in the restoration process. 

This may include working with chakras, meridians, bones, muscles or organs. By exploring the body and field as a hologram where the pieces all reflect the whole, we can get to the heart of the matter and restore harmony and balance by releasing energies no longer required for growth.  New positive frequencies may be introduced.  Wherever energy is blocked or stagnated, a shift will need to occur.

As individualized as your fingerprint, there is no standard session.  I work as an alchemist to encourage and enhance transformation and restoration with my team on the physical, mental and emotional levels, and once given permission, will connect with your light body and most of the reading will be done remotely. Then a session at the studio in Odessa will be scheduled.  Distance sessions can be scheduled for those who live too far to travel to the studio and a phone session will replace the in person visit.

 A session will usually take about 1-2 hours and will prove to be a very dynamic experiences as together we unlock your unlimited potential by removing blocked energy and allowing the restoration process to begin.  An in depth discussion and interpretation with tips and tools for self-empowerment will allow you to expand your level of consciousness thereby increasing your vibration and enhancing your life experience.

Healing Energy Restoration Session   $150     Subsequent sessions    $90


Gift Certificates are available for that special someone who you know could benefit from this type of work. 

Due to the intensive nature of the session, most clients experience a great shift of energies after just one session.  However, because everything affects our energy, and free will gets thrown into the equation, occasionally a booster session may be desired.   Healing Energy Restoration will refresh your energies and reinforce the reality that all you need to progress you already possess, and will be rediscovered during the session.  

Purchase Xhosa Flower Essences at the time of your session and save $$$ 

Session and Set 1   $205    ($20 discount)

Session and Sets 1 and 2   $270   ($30 discount) 

Session and all 3 sets   $325  ($50 discount)

Why would you want Xhosa Flower Essences after the session? 

While I use the essences with every client, and you will have the opportunity to test them yourself, they are what I would refer to as the first first aid kit.  Daily testing helps you to maintain balance, and testing in the face of trauma or imbalance directly affects how your body and mind will respond to said events.

A troubling phone call or a glance at the daily news can send a wave of emotions, directly influencing your thought patterns.  Your thoughts affect your well-being in a most profound manner.  Xhosa Flower Essences will get to the heart of the matter and encourage a speedier recovery time, reconnecting broken circuitry and restoring balance.

 This is the same for physical situations.  Feeling a cold coming on?  Starting to get a headache?  I would recommend testing immediately to head it off and reduce the time that it will impact your field.  

Keeping in mind that because the essences are evocative, ultimately the decision is yours.  Xhosa Flower Essences will assist in retraining your way of thinking, promoting the positive and encouraging energy enhancing choices. 

It is not an understatement to say that using Xhosa Flower Essences will change the way you approach health and wellness.  

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