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Inviting and encouraging you to accept the opportunity to challenge your level of self-awareness and unlock your unlimited potential.

Everything and every-body holds a vibration and is constantly affected by the energies tht resonate to and from each and all.

RYV allows us to be more aware of what is affecting our vibration and seek out those things that enhance rather than deplete.

RYV encourages you to embrace those things that build you up, to proiritize what you believe and desire to keep, and what you question and need to dismiss.  You are what you think and feel.

As you increase your awareness and accentuate the positive, your vibration increases.  RYV assists in this process by reinforcing the patterns needed to sustain an increased vibration.  This in turn makes it more difficult for negative energies or low vibration activity tp permeate the body field as it becomes unrecognizable.

RYV  assists in the discovery of of how more positive aspects and affects are attracted, and the result is a continuous increase in vibration and manifestation of life-enhancing situations and decisions.                                                                                                       RAISE YOUR VIBRATION


Inviting and encouraging the transition into a beautiful new existence.

When a soul enters the physical body to start a new existence,the first challenge is gaining security and self-preservation.  For most this begins with the thoughts and energies that the carrier or mother introduces to the soul.

WTTW is available for the mother to continue to seek the most positive and beneficial thoughts during her pregnancy, as this is a time when advice and feedback seems to come from just about everywhere.

FEAR.  While fear is not something desirable, it can overwhelm a new mother.  Statistics and stories fly out of the mouths of our families and practitioners, often leading to the worst case scenario kind of thinking.

WTTW can assist in alleviating fear to focus on anticipation and curiosity of the wonderful things to come.  By offering reassurance, calm and balance, WTTW can reinforce your right to be here, to seek confidence and stability, safety and security.

For new babies who know Love, only Love, WTTW can smooth the transition as they are confronted with the contrast of a new existence.                                                                 WELCOME TO THE WORLD


Inviting and encouraging you to accept the opportunity to embrace energy enhancing choices to promote balance and wellness.

Living in a physical existence sometimes yanks us in many directions, often at the same time.  We can become conflicted and overwhelmed with how to proceed, at what speed and with which project.

QFW assists in integrating the multiple components of our "BEING. In any given moment you may be an individual, a companion, a partner, parent, child, sibling, coworker, boss, friend, teacher, or student.  Whatever your role, you will always be YOUR-SELF.

QFW will help you navigate through your many roles while promoting self-awareness and the ability to tie it all together.  We do not stop being a child when we become a parent, or an individual when we become a partner.  We need not sacrifice one for the other.  It is these many hats we wear that make up the WHOLE.

QFW encourages all the fragments and pieces to come together.  We are designing an ongoing tapestry of who we are.  Each component is integral to the design of the beautiful project that is YOU. All is one.  One is all.                                                                               QUEST FOR WHOLENESS


Inviting and encouraging you to accept the ooportunity to put your best face forward with a beauty that shines from deep within.

SYIL places the focus on assisting your continuing recognition of your lightness of being, while maintaining the delicate balance of being a physical being.

To allow your Inner Light to Shine is to recognize the pure potential held within.  To see that potential as an unlimited source of inspiration and guidance.

SYIL encourages a deeper connection with our light body, and can remind us to be kind to ourselves; to nurture rather than judge.  It is the internal switch of focus that allow us to become more self-empowered, more empathetic and less critical.

STIL encourages the power within to inspire your compassion and love to rise to the surface and take precedence over self-doubt.

SYIL allows you to lift the veil, release negativity and burst into a new level of existence.  There is a dynamic wonderful You waiting to come to the center stage and emeerge as the shining star that you know you are meant to be.  Time to show the world what you have to offer.                                                                                                                                 SHINE YOUR INNER LIGHT


Inviting and encouraging you to accept the opportunity to move forward with renewed energy in whatever direction you choose to go.

This life is not about staying put, but about moving forward.  There is nothing stagnant about our journey and the only real constant is change.

TTNS is designed to assist you in this forward movement.  To explore new possibilities and new paths of exploration.  To see what opportunity may be waiting around the corner or in a different direction.

TTNS can help discover the Yellow Brick Road with the confidence ans assurance that when you travel with YOUR SELF you are always safe and at home.  You can always find YOUR way.

TTNS encourages us to venture out without hesitation, to seize the opportunity to keep moving.  On our journeys we always know where we have been.  Often it is "Where am I Going?" that consumes our thoughts.  To get anywhere we must take action.

TTNS is formulated for assisting those who have been settled into a routine that may no longer be exciting or desirable.  Every day is an opportunity to seek out something nes and push the limits of your comfort zone.                                                                               TAKE THE NEXT STEP